As the Kobe World Turns…..

By Jon

Earlier today, Kobe Bryant told Stephen A. Smith that he would like to be traded. A few hours later, Kobe changed his mind like a pregnant woman in the ice cream aisle.

Memo to Kobe: You look like a fool. Congrats.

Rumors of your unhappiness have been swirling for days. So you go on a national radio show of an ESPN analyst and set the record straight, or so we thought. Did you not realize that it would set off a media firestorm? You didn’t think that this would be a top story and that everyone would read/hear your exact words? Now, do you expect us to believe that one “emotional” conversation with Phil Jackson changed your mind, especially after you said that there was nothing the Lakers could do to keep you happy?

You said that you were unhappy with the Lakers organization because someone on the inside said that you forced a Shaq trade a few years back. What’s to say that the informant wasn’t the night janitor at the Staples Center?

Fact of the matter is, you have brought even more evidence to the public that the Lakers have no team chemistry whatsoever, and whether you want a trade or not, you are awful at playing the media. Everyone outside of the Laker faithful thinks that you are a prima donna who refuses to play a team game (81 points and one assist comes to mind), and will never win a ring without Shaq.

On a closing note, I hate the NBA. That is all.